Yes. Below are just four examples of Candidate Trump’s wrong-doings or treasonous behaviors and the sources of the information:

No. We are not bringing this case as either Democrats or Republicans. We are bringing it because, in the 2016 election, every US citizen lost the right to have his or her vote count.  Through a combination of Russian interference and the Trump campaign’s willingness to work with them, our precious right, the right to vote, was undermined.

We filed our Petition on June 7.  On June 23 we were notified that the US Solicitor General, the attorney for the defendants (Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Paul Ryan) waived his clients’ right to respond.  The SC Justices are now free to hear the case, ask for more information, set a date when they will discuss it, or take some other action which we can’t know in advance. It can happen quickly or it may take several months depending on what the SC Justices decide.

Secure software voting systems do exist.  Please watch a 1-minute video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au3w1Kyztg8 to see how a hack-proof voting system could work. (For more information look at the website of the National Association of Voting Officials: https://navo-us.org/ )

We are in uncharted waters here, so we can’t say for sure.  We expect that the SC Justices will lay out a plan, taking the Special Master’s findings into account.

We are in uncharted waters here, so we can’t say for sure.  There have been cases where an election was nullified and the second-place candidate was installed into office.  But it is nowhere near definite that the SC Justices will make that decision in this case.

We don’t know. The SC Justices will decide whether Trump’s actions constitute criminal behavior.

We are in uncharted waters here, so we can’t say for sure.  There are models of transitional governments from other countries who have held re-votes.  The SC Justices are just as concerned with maintaining stability as we are.  They will develop a plan that will ensure a peaceful transition of power.

No! This would be first time in American history that a federal election was successfully overturned.  It is certainly the first time that the need for a new election has ever occurred.